What We Do

FANQ works to provide support and assistance to all children to all children victims of severe burns. They are treated in Bolivia, then taken to United States. The care they receive in Shriners Hospital for children in Galveston, Texas is completely free of change for the patient and lasts up to their 18th birthday. During the time of care, FANQ handles all the paperwork from the beginning of the child’s treatment in Bolivia to the admission into the Shriners Hospital.

The funds are destined to:

-Purchase of air plane tickers for the children and the parent or guardian.

-Payment of the paperwork and documentation needed in Bolivia.

-Payment of food at the hospital and lodging (Ronald’s McDonalds House) or hotel in Galveston, Texas.

-Economic support to the children’s parents at the time to return to Bolivia.


We work to help and support children who are severe burn victims so they can be tended to in Bolivia and moved to the U.S. The medical attention received at Shriners Hospitals for Children—Galveston, is completely free of charge for the patient and extends up to the patient’s 18th birthday.

We take care of all the formalities and expenses throughout the duration of medical attention from the initial treatment in Bolivia, to the move to the U.S., to admittance to the hospital in Galveston and the annual visits scheduled by the Hospital for the necessary ongoing treatment. Since the recovery for burns is a fairly long process.


Our organization gets its funding through fundraising events, activities, and generous donations from members of the Bolivian community in Houston. We also receive donations from businesses, corporations, and institutions. This also includes any North American citizen dedicated to this humanitarian cause.


Carlos Cusicanqui
Thank god for FANQ and Community Tissue Services! The box with the skin for Genaro Alanes just came in. I was afraid Customs would give us trouble but they were fine once Fernando Lizarazu, who I remember having met in Houston, gave them the right explanation. Dr. Portugal couldn’t make it to the airport because of problems with the shuttle, but as I said goodbye to Fernando, I immediately took a taxi so as to give it to Dr. Portugal and he is already at the hospital. Later I will go to the hospital and get the donation details and his signature as proof of receipt and send to you. Greetings.
Félix Rojas P.
Good afternoon Ms. Carolina, firstly a greeting to you and your beautiful family. I’m writing you to tell you that this past Monday Dieguito had his surgery here in the hospital and everything went well, thank god and today we had the appointment at the clinic, the doctor looked at him and told us everything is on the right track and next week we’ll be visiting him again, so as to coordinate when to start therapy so he can start walking again and to adjust his prosthetics. We hope everything will continue going well like now, and so we have no more to tell you. Goodbye to you and give our regards to Jose and everyone from the foundation and thank you so much for your help.
Diego Vidal Coronel.
“May 21, 2014 Good evening Ms. Carolina, first a big long distance hello to you and your beautiful family. the reason for this message is to please ask you to tell Ms. Teresita that my son’s, Diego Vidal Coronel Cruz, appointment is June 20, 2014 at Shiners Hospital of Texas. Ask to please help us get to make his treatment as this appointment is scheduled surgery, since the bones from his little feet are already growing and the prostheses are crashing and causing him pain when he walks. At the last appointment that was in November of last year, they only changed his prosthetics for new ones that could adjust to my son’s size and the doctor told me that the next appointment he has to be operated on to correct the size of his little bones. Today we called Mr. Felix to start making arrangements for the trip and he told us to write to Ms. Teresita so she could help us find the plane tickets to the United States on June 20 given that he had problems with the arrangements and tickets, with the lord’s help we are awaiting your reply and hope that it be favorable. With no more to say we thank you with the consideration deserved for the support you and the FANQ foundation provide for all the children of Bolivia, with great regards. May god bless you and all your families.
Diego Vidal Coronel and Family.
January 31, 2014 Hello Ms. Carolina I’m very well thanks …I wanted to tell you that I just picked up the money and I THANK YOU VERY MUCH to your and your mom all the foundation for the great gift you all gave me I’m very grateful and happy on behalf of my family thank you so much!!!!!! And I also send regards to you and your family and Mrs. Yolita Frias and everyone at the foundation with love and may GOD bless you all THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!”

The Relief Fund for Burned Children or FANQ, is a nonprofit organization of join action. Comform by a group of Bolivian voluntiers residing in the city of Houston.


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