We work to help and support children who are severe burn victims so they can be tended to in Bolivia and moved to the U.S. The medical attention received at Shriners Hospitals for Children—Galveston, is completely free of charge for the patient and extends up to the patient’s 18th birthday.

We take care of all the formalities throughout the duration of medical attention from the initial treatment in Bolivia, to the move to the U.S., to admittance to the hospital in Galveston.

The beneficiaries Thanks to help from FANQ

Rosa Isela Chuquisea
Sandro Davalos
Jorge Antonio Valencia
Rolando Chambi
Henrry Apaza
Luis Apaza
Benito Arellano
Beymar Chambi
Margot Caimani
Daniel Chambi
Alex Gabriel Cervantes
Carlos Cusicanqui
Diego Coronel
Jorge Coca
Diego Sandoval
Edson Daniel Martinez
Edgar Espinoza
Eloy Condori
Ramiro Guarachi
Juan Chavarria
Julian Perez
Jose Andres del Solar
Jorge Luiz Limon
Jhonny Chambilla
Pedro Quispe
Luis Quispe
Maycol Cruz
Marco Revollo
Jose Rojas
Miguel Quispe
Milton W. Quisbert
Flor Nayeli Veizaga
Raul Saire
Fernando Santos
Maria Vilca
Daysi Vilca
Ximena Vilca
Juan Danilo Mendoza
Gustavo Mamani
Orlando Salgueiro
Raul Condori
Roberto Tababary Parada
Lus Vita Nate Medina