About Us!

The Burnt Relief Fund for Children, or FANQ, is a nonprofit organization of joint action from volunteers and generous support of individuals, businesses and institutions.  It is made up of Bolivian volunteers residing in the city of Houston, Texas. They work to provide support for Bolivian children who have been victims of severe burns. Our fund gets in touch with the Bolivian children and families who have been victims, so they can travel to the United States. Then, they are taken to Galveston, Texas to get treated at Shriners Hospital for children. Our efforts make it possible for these children to get treatment which allows for their healing and recovery. 

Our Mission

FANQ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Bolivian children who suffer from severe burns. It is made up of a group of Bolivian volunteers residing in the city of Houston. Working together with the support of individuals, institutions and businesses, they make it possible for these children to get the treatment they need to heal and recover.

Our Vision

Through collaboration by the Bolivian community and many others, FANQ hopes to expand our reach to help more children in need.

Our History

FANQ is an institution created by Bolivian volunteers residing in Houston, Texas. It was created in April 2000, by the joint effort of Ing. Jorge Galatoire, Houston’s Bolivian Association, and the Bolivian Charity Foundation. Through these years of service, our organization has helped more than 45 children by facilitating the move from Bolivia to the United States for treatment at Shriners Hospital for Children.



Jorge Galatoire

In 1999, Ing. Jorge Galatoire with the help of other organizations brought the first two kids to United States.

By 2000, they had created FANQ, Fondo de Alivio al Nino Quemado.


First Term

Jorge Galatoire

Second Term

Yolanda Frias

Third Term

Marcelo Ríos

Fourth Term

Jose Urioste

Fifth Term

Teresa Hitt

Board of Directors

President: Carolina Urioste
Vice-President: Yamile Garcia
Secretary: Eliana Herbas
Lidia Deranja
Events Coordinator: Fernando Lizarazu
Edwin Soto
Daisy Soto

The Relief Fund for Burned Children or FANQ, is a nonprofit organization of join action. Comform by a group of Bolivian voluntiers residing in the city of Houston.


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